Partners and clients

The urge to transform and desire to bring about lasting benefits and leave real public legacies are the main characteristics of our clients. We are proud to be able to share with these governments and institutions a vision of greatness for public services and for the experiences of the users and residents of the cities of Brazil.

Porto Alegre City Hall and Comunitas – Phase I

In March 2017 we provided support for the Comunitas management team in their planning and management for Porto Alegre City Hall, especially the development of the strategic plan for the municipality.

Porto Alegre City Hall and Comunitas – Phase II

In May 2017, we worked at Porto Alegre City Hall in partnership with Comunitas to develop a governance model for the city, formulating and embedding oversight, control, and decision-making routines for middle and top management.

Programa Lidera Rio

Lidera Rio is a training program for results-oriented leadership in the public sphere that we set up in partnership with SEBRAE-RIO, Instituto República and Centro de Liderança Pública. It provides government officials from municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro with high-level capacity-building and mentoring for leadership in the execution of strategic actions, fostering their capacity to design projects capable of driving transformational change in their municipalities.


References, Projects & Clients

More than seven years’ practical experience in the planning and delivery of strategic projects in Rio de Janeiro:

  • Three strategic plans for the city – 2009, 2012, and 2016

  • Eight results-oriented action plans for meritocracy  –  2009 to 2016

  • Rio + Easy – reducing local government bureaucracy to help businesses, in partnership with Sebrae (business association) and Jucerja (board of trade) – award-winning project (2016)

  • 1746 – public service hotline

  • Carioca Digital – online portal

  • Design and negotiation of public-private partnerships: sanitation for the west zone of Rio de Janeiro and improved urban mobility with the Transolímpica expressway

  • Greater efficiency in municipal procurement through mechanisms designed to boost competitiveness and curb outdated practices