the world is increasingly urban

cities are global powerhouses

competition between cities
is intense

citizens count... more than ever

innovation, intelligence, and integration are the hallmarks
of winning cities


About Cidadis

what we are

Cidadis was born from the drive and passion of three executives keen to transform cities and the future of urban populations, their problems and solutions. Building on over six years’ experience in the development and execution of strategic projects in Rio de Janeiro, a city with a history of issues and critical challenges for public administrators, these executives decided to form a company to fill a gap in the innovative provision of support for urban development.

How can cities be turned into dream places for their residents? How can they become sources of pride for the human interactions and citizen involvement they foster, places of wellbeing for all, where people can come and go freely and at ease, safe in the knowledge that their physical integrity and property are not at risk, while also enjoying a wide range of leisure and business opportunities?

To address these issues, Cidadis has built up an extensive and growing web of collaborators – specialists in every area of public services, public administrators and professionals who all share the desire to transform cities through strategic actions that add real value to the lives of their residents.

what we do

The focus of our work can be summed up in three words: Intelligence, Integration, and Innovation.


Intelligence – making intensive use of data and prospective information to develop reliable, realistic analyses and visions, while also crafting tailor-made solutions that yield the best possible results for citizens.

Integration – developing solutions that take all the components of services into account, such as strategies, people, processes, and infrastructure, to enable clear strategic alignment and avoid solutions that offer incomplete or unsustainable benefits.

Innovation – using the latest methods to develop forward-looking solutions that do not replicate the biases and inefficiencies of past practices, generating visions based on out-of-the-box thinking and attaining results that exceed expectations.

Our work typically covers the following areas:


Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning and breakdown into targets

  • Project design and planning, including program management

  • Support in public policymaking, appraisal, and joining up of policies.

  • Formulation of management-oriented programs

  • Identification and application of techniques for the engagement of society



  • Models of governance and meritocracy


Management Modernization

  • Redesign and execution of processes and structures

  • Review of government requirements and controls with a view to reducing bureaucracy

  • Optimization of physical and human resources

  • Optimization of public contracts

  • Design and planning of new service, information, and communication channels and support in their launch


Public-Private Partnerships

  • Design and negotiation of public-private partnerships

  • Consultancy for companies and NGOs in their interactions with public authorities



  • Training of leaders and mentoring of public agents and concessionaires


Innovation and Technology

  • Review and identification of new technology needs

  • Devising of technology startups for urban solutions

what sets us apart

A wealth of practical experience

  • Design, development, and execution of public sector projects

  • Review and application of processes and new technologies for a complete range of public services

  • Design and application of novel governance models geared towards obtaining optimal results, using smart monitoring to keep track of municipal administration goals, projects, and indicators

  • Use of novel approaches in the design and delivery of public policies, such as public-private partnerships, concessions, and other partnerships with the private sector, enabling the best possible service provision for the public

  • Development of horizontal actions for public management, aligning efforts and seeking out synergies and ways to join up the different municipal departments, other public entities, the private sector, and the third sector.


Extensive network of collaborators in the main public sector verticals

Capacity to build bridges between the public and private sectors

Pragmatic, executive, results-oriented approach

  • Tried-and-tested governance models

  • Cross-seeding of solutions with proven success in different industries (e.g., integrated services, shared services, operations center with crisis response capacity)

  • Deployment of the latest technological solutions (e.g., big data, information transparency solutions)

  • Proven techniques for developing and training professionals with a focus on real-life experiences – action learning



Rua Lauro Müller, 116, 32º andar- Botafogo,

Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22290-160

+55 21 2158-1158

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